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If you possess a passion for music and have the desire to call the shots with your career then setting up an independent record label is the thing to do.  There are however a few things you must learn before you can successfully begin.

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The music business is BOOMING and only getting larger! The industry will always be prosperous because the public will always buy music.  At the very moment that you are reading these words millions of albums are being sold worldwide.  The times will never be better and more profitable for putting out independent music.  It doesn’t matter what type of music you want to put out!  Any music can sell.  There is a ready made audience just waiting for you, millions of potential buyers of your music.  All types of music sales are exploding: R&B, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, Rock and of course the big money maker Hip Hop/Rap music.  As the owner of your own independent label you could sell only 10% of the albums that an artist under contract sells and still earn a lot more money than that artist and also have a lot more control over your music and career!

  If you obtain the necessary knowledge that you will need on how to set up your record label and stay focused you can easily experience worldwide success.  This is something that most recording artists signed to major labels can’t say.  You would be crazy not to want to set up your own record label.  Setting up your own label ensures your financial security and gives you total control over both your music and your career. It Allows You! To determine how your music is created, promoted and sold. Not someone else.
What could be better than that?.


This Could Be The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Running your own independent record label will be the most rewarding experience that you will ever have and could be the smartest investment that you will ever make!  It will be the chance to get in on both an exciting and highly profitable business that will provide unlimited income potential. Success can be achieved by anyone.  It doesn’t matter what your race or age is.  You can be male or female and no experience is needed to make a start.  All you will need is determination and the willingness to put all your excuses to the side and Just Go For It!

  When you establish your own label you won’t have to worry about the hassles of a 9-5 job. You will be the boss, you will make the decisions and you will enjoy all of the rewards that your success brings.  The sky will truly be the limit!  Just think of how good it will feel when your album sales soar and the money begins to roll in!  I believe that you are one of those special individuals who is destined to make it happen in the music industry.  It is a given fact that the music industry will soon be dominated by independent labels such as yours!

 The music business although full of limitless opportunities can also be very ruthless and cut-throat.  Plenty of people will try to take advantage of you and exploit you if given the chance.  If you show any signs of weakness, any hesitation, anything that reveals to others that you don’t know what you are doing business-wise you will become easy prey.

  It is absolutely crucial that you take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening.  You must do everything in your power to obtain the necessary knowledge that you will need to succeed.  The biggest mistake most people who want to get into the industry make is that they jump in without proper preparation.  This creates a recipe for disasterDon’t you make this same mistake!  To prosper in the music business you must first locate the specific information that you will need, then acquire it and finally spend a little time each day studying it.  It’s so astonishingly simple but only a handful of smart people ever follow these steps!


You may be asking yourself “What are the proper steps to take in creating my label”?

You will find all the answers in our cutting edge  guidebook "HOW TO START YOUR RECORD LABEL". The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Recording, Promoting and Selling Independent Music.


 This gigantic resource over 295pages thick is available in digital format for immediate download.  It is an Amazingly simple blueprint of success for the 21st century music industry entrepreneur that  guides you through the entire process of developing and successfully running your record label. 


It is a complete A-Z blueprint.  Absolutely nothing is left out, there is no guesswork.  It breaks down fully all of the crucial steps that you need to learn to attain success.

 Once you get your hands on this publication the steps that you must take to get a successful record label up and running will become crystal clear


 The information that will be revealed to you is seldom talked about, publicized or advertised.  The information is so new, revolutionary and easily applied that it will shock you with its simplicity and power

   The sole purpose of this guide is to provide you with the insider’s knowledge and industry secrets that will get your label up and running successfully and help you to avoid costly mistakes.

 It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner to the music biz or a polished industry veteran, you will benefit from the time tested strategies and priceless tips that will be revealed to you.




Here is just a partial listing of what  ”HOW TO START YOUR RECORD LABEL”. The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Recording, Promoting and Selling Independent Music will cover:

In the first section we will cover the initial setup of your label and things that must be done for a successful start. , It also contains a vital area on obtaining financing and capital for your record label. .  It contains some closely guarded secrets to raising big money! It will give you the financial advantage needed to run a successful record label and take it to the big time.

  • How To Determine The Proper Legal Structure For Your Record Label. (sole proprietorship, corporation, etc )
  • How To Come Up With The Perfect Name For Your Record Label.
  • Where To Get Big Money To Start Your Record Label Or To Expand Your Existing Label
  • What Licenses Are Required
  • How To Properly Write A Business Plan For Your Record Label
  • How  To Attract Attention From Various Investors, Banks And Lending Institutions falling over themselves to give you money allowing you to raise tremendous sums of cash… (To use for recording costs, advertising, promotion, studio time etc.) Simple method provides you with the ability to generate thousands upon thousands of dollars!!!
  • Everything You Need To Know About Taxes And Bookkeeping
  • How To Find A Good Lawyer To Use.
  • How To Assemble A Strong Management Team
  • How To Find And Sign Recording Artists To Your Record Label
  • Music Industry Contracts Fully Explained!
  • How To Determine The Proper Amount To Pay Your Artist In Royalties.

In the second section we will cover the actual recording of your labels music as well as how to properly protect it.

  • The Complete Recording Process Explained!
  • All About Recording Budgets
  • How To Inexpensively Get You Or Your Artists Music Recorded By Getting Hot Beats And Studio Time For Dirt Cheap.
  • How To Find Talented And Well Known Producers Who Will Want To Work With You
  • What Is The Absolute Best Recording Software To Use.
  • What Is Mastering? And How To Own Your Masters
  • How To Properly Copyright Your Music For Legal Protection From Industry Thieves
  • All About Trademarks And How To Use Them.
  • What Is Ghostwriting And How Does It Work.
  • What Is Publishing
  • How To Properly Set-Up Your Own Publishing Company
  • How To Get Samples Cleared Cheaply And Super Fast
  • How To Make Big Money Licensing Your Record Label’s Music
  • How To Get Your Share Of The Lucrative Ringtone And Videogame Money.

The next section covers the pressing of your music as well as its distribution and ultimately sales

  • How To Effectively Press Up Your Record Label CDs Inexpensively And Super Fast
  • CD Packaging And Artwork Tips.
  • How To Find Good Manufacturers To Use
  • How To Get A Barcode For Your CDs.
  • How To Plan An Album Release Date
  • How Does Retail Work
  • What Is Co-Op Advertising
  • Distribution And Distribution Deals Fully Explained!
  • How To Find A Good Distributor To Use, And Powerful Negotiating Tactics
  • How To Use Distribution To Get Your Music Into Small Mom And Pop Stores As Well As Major Chains
  • How To Get An International Distribution Deal To Sell Your Music Worldwide
  • What You Need To Know About Digital Distribution

The fourth section covers the necessary steps for creating a massive buzz and following.  You will learn strategies for marketing, advertising and power publicity tactics for your record label.

  • How To Put Together An Effective And Powerful Marketing Plan.
  • How To Market Your Release For Maximum Sales
  • How To Network To Meet Power Players In The Industry To Advance Your Label And All But Guarantee Your Success
  • How To Cut Deals And Form Partnerships With Other Labels And Companies To Get Maximum Exposure.
  • Top Secret Advertising And Promotion Tactics To Gain Immediate Attention And Notoriety
  • How To Put Together An Effective Press Kit To Exploit The Media
  • How To Use Free Publicity To Take Your Record Label To The Next Level
  • Secrets Of Giving Powerful Radio, TV And Magazine Interviews Exposed!
  • How To Use Music Conventions To Advance Your Career.
  • How To Set-Up Your Own Street Team To Market And Promote Your Record Label.
  • How To Use Mixtapes And Strip Clubs For Maximum Promotion

In the final section of the guide we dive into the promotions game for your record label.  This covers Radio, Video and a multitude of internet promotions.  In this fifth section we also dissect the big money areas of getting shows and tour dates.

  • How To Set-Up A Radio Campaign The Right Way!
  • Secrets Of Getting Spins And Plays On College, Mixshow And Commercial Radio
  • What is BDS And Soundscan And Why You Need Them
  • How To Get Online Music Plays
  • How To Inexpensively Put Together Your Own Music Videos For Promotion
  • Merchandising Tips to Generate Big Money Seling T-Sirts, Hats, etc
  • How To Set-Up Your Own Website Effectively
  • How To Get Maximum Exposure On Popular Sites Such As Myspace, Youtube, CD Baby, Itunes, etc
  • How To Explode Your Label’s Popularity And Increase Your Fanbase From Techniques Such as Podcasting And Blogs
  • How To Put Together Your Own Live Show Or Tour For Your Label’s Artists
  • Fatal Mistakes To Avoid That Will Destroy Your Success
  • Plus Much Much More!!!

We Pull No Punches, Spill The Beans And Reveal Everything! 

We show you the exact precise way that you should be starting and running your record label.  It just doesn’t get any easier than this!    



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